Services & Activities

The activities of Materialsgate - Dr.-Ing. Christoph Konetschny - Büro für Materialberatung can be divided into four grown core areas in the context of current material topics: Consulting, Education, Events and Communication. In the following you will get a first deeper insight into the main focus of the individual fields of activity.



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MaterialCONSULTING: Material Research & Material Scouting.


Materialsgate generates tailor-made material impulses!


Targeted material research and material scouting are the core competences of Materialsgate. For all industrial and creative sectors, Materialsgate offers the identification of suitable structural and functional materials as well as coatings and surfaces, including the definition of associated manufacturing and production methods. The maintenance of a pool of competences for referrals to experts and the creation of material libraries, material databases or mood boards complete this service portfolio around the topics of knowledge and technology transfer.



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MaterialEDUCATION: Workshops & Design Thinking.


Materialsgate provides updated material knowledge!


The sharing and transfer of key material information and the latest material development is crucial in all product developments. In this field, Materialsgate offers targeted employee training seminars, assists in workshops on material topics and generates material-based input for Design Thinking and other creativity and innovation techniques. These activities are supported by a comprehensive material archive with numerous samples, demonstration kits and components.




MaterialEVENTS: Fairs, Exhibitions & Presentations.
MaterialEVENTS: Fairs, Exhibitions & Presentations.


Materialsgate provides cross-industry contacts and competences!


Materialsgate develops customized and compelling content for trade fairs, conferences, meetings and exhibitions. This includes e.g. the creation of agendas and conference programs, the addressing and acquisition of experts, the support of sales activities and the curatorship for accompanying exhibitions or special presentations. The moderation of award ceremonies and press conferences as well as the thematic accompaniment of guided tours for delegations from business and politics are further activities in this field.




MaterialCOMMUNICATION: Journalism, Public Relations and Networking.
MaterialCOMMUNICATION: Journalism, Public Relations and Networking.


Materialsgate develops communication solutions right on target!


New materials, processes, surfaces and coatings must be communicated successfully in order to reach their target markets and novel applications. Journalistic work such as the writing of press releases, technical articles, company profiles, interviews and news flashes for social media and newsletters are examples of activities provided by Materialsgate in this field. Additionally, the presentation and market launch of new materials by direct communication within our network of contacts is gaining more and more importance.