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"Materials materialize product innovation"



For almost 20 years, Materialsgate has been performing demanding and targeted material research and material scouting for clients from all industrial and creative sectors. Here, a clear distinction is made between material research and material scouting.


Material research helps to solve specific technical problems and is focused on the identification of materials, surfaces or coatings which are suited for specific applications. Material research usually requires a comprehensive comparison between given characteristics and specified requirement profiles, which can only be successful on the basis of the corresponding expert knowledge.


Material scouting, on the other hand, deliver material-based ideas and impulses for the development of new or the enhancement of existing products. Material scouting is a more creative activity which requires deep knowledge in all material classes, including the associated manufacturing processes. Moreover, it requires comprehensive insight into the materials industry with its product variety and its current new developments.


In order to achieve optimum results for our clients in both fields of activity, Materialsgate uses a self-developed routine for the analysis of various sources and its own competency and material database with some 15,000 well-maintained data records.


Due to its solid expert background and its experience of 20 years, Materialsgate will also be happy to be your partner of choice for the material research and material scouting!


I look forward to hearing from you.



Dr.-Ing. Christoph Konetschny

Material Scientist & Material Scout

Owner and founder of Materialsgate - Büro für Materialberatung