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Glass: SCHOTT fire-resistant glass approval for use in “premier league” timber doors


Successfully assessed for the ranges E 30 to E 90 and EI 30 to EI 60

SCHOTT’s fire-resistance glass products PYRAN® S and PYRANOVA® received UK approval for use in the timber doors of six major door blank manufacturers. The assessment, completed by BM TRADA, covers SCHOTT’s glass for use in timber doors for the fire resistance classes E 30, E 60 and E 90 as well as EI 30 and EI 60.

“We are very pleased with this extension to our comprehensive testing portfolio”, says Martin Brown, Sales Manager for fire resistant glass at SCHOTT UK in Stafford. SCHOTT PYRAN® S and PYRANOVA® glass are now approved for use in timber door blanks from six major door blank manufacturers, i.e. Falcon, Halspan, Blankfort, Pacific Rimwood, Egger and Moralt.

The test result marks a milestone: A 90 minute approval in timber doors is a first for monolithic fire-resistant glass when glazed with timber beads. “This now makes it possible to use timber beads to complement the door leaf rather than industrial-looking steel beads” Brown explains.

The assessment of SCHOTT product was completed by BM TRADA, now part of the EXOVA Warrington test group. Based near High Wycombe, they specialise in timber technologies including fire-rated products.

Background information:

PYRAN® S is a monolithic, thermally tempered borosilicate safety glass in accordance with DIN EN Standard 13024-1. Thanks to its outstanding optical and mechanical properties, it has a long record of proven performance in many different buildings as a component in fire resistant glazing.

PYRANOVA® specialty glass is a clear, laminated composite glass made of several thin panes of float glass. In the event of a fire, a transparent, fire resistant layer is created between the panes. This means that PYRANOVA® specialty glass prevents the passage of fire, smoke and heat radiation and ensures a safe escape route. This makes the material well-suited for use on escape routes and staircases.

Source: SCHOTT AG - 21.01.2016.

PYRAN® and PYRANOVA® are registered trademarks of SCHOTT AG.

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