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Photo: Magment
Photo: Magment


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Exhibit: Magnetic Concrete

MAGMENT transmits contactless energy to where you need it

Magment MC40 is a magnetizable concrete with outstanding soft magnetic properties. This novel material, consisting of magnetizable ferrite particles, embedded in a cement matrix, allows an almost unlimited variety of component geometries. Due to the pressureless processing of the flowable concrete, theres is no need for expensive tool and heat treatments.

The magnetic material properties are characterized by high permeability and linearity as well as low losses. In addition, Magment MC40 has high thermal conductivity and is mechanically stable and robust. Based on these characteristics, the material is predestined for coils and transformers as well as for electromagnetic shielding applications. Compared to conventional soft-magnetic components, the winding can be integrated into the concrete and an application-optimized solution can be found in each case. In particular, the contactless charge of electrical consumers can be significantly improved in terms of their efficiency.

The use of recycled material as a magnetizable component represents a significant step towards the reduction of the carbon footprint of magnetic materials.

MAGMENT received the silver Materialica Design & Technology Award in 2016 in Munich.


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