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Photo: Dr.-Ing. Konetschny - Materialsgate
Photo: Dr.-Ing. Konetschny - Materialsgate

Exhibit: Funding Innovation

In almost every company valuable innovation approaches are often not recognized internally. Also, improvements, ideas and new developments are often classified as not feasible due to human or financial circumstances. Here, the business activities of Gesellschaft für Innovationsentwicklung mbH will provide tailored solutions.

The team of Gesellschaft für Innovationsentwicklung mbH combines experienced engineers from all disciplines, who have initiated and completed numerous of funded projects successfully. Use this expertise to identify novel product ideas and innovations in your company and to initiate targeted aktivities to realize an efficient project funding.

We Promote Innovation

The financing of innovations through grants, in particular by non-repayable grants, facilitates the development and implementation of novel products, processes and services. However, the diversity of fundings (state, federal and EU funding) is often difficult to comprehend. The optimal program selection as well as the application and processing of grants requires extensive knowledge that we can provide based on our over 15 years experience.

In this context, Gesellschaft für Innovationsentwicklung mbH provides targeted solutions for project funding and project support:

- Differentiated analysis of the innovation

- Striking definition of the innovation approach based on bespoke technology, market and patent research

- Support concerning financing and marketing

- Optimal planning of the implementation of innovation projects

- Individual project management especially in cooperative projects

- Competent expert assistance in the development of your product, process or service

- Comprehensive administrative project support throughout the entire funding period

Feel free to contact the innovation experts of Gesellschaft für Innovationsentwicklung mbH to discuss the funding opportunities of your current and future product innovations.


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