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Photo: FRT GmbH
Photo: FRT GmbH
Photo: FRT GmbH
Photo: FRT GmbH
Photo: FRT GmbH
Photo: FRT GmbH
Photo: FRT GmbH
Photo: FRT GmbH
Photo: FRT GmbH
Photo: FRT GmbH
Photos: FRT GmbH



  • Sample Thickness / TTV
  • Roughness / Waviness / Flatness
  • Film Thickness / Layer Stacks
  • Vias / TSVs / Trenches
  • BGA / Bumps
  • Geometry / Lens Shape
  • Defect Inspection
  • Thermal Load
  • Roll-Off Amount
  • Stress

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Exhibit: FRT GmbH - the art of metrology

FRT Metrology - High quality 3D surface metrology made
for your requirements

FRT GmbH offers 3D surface measurement technology for research and production. With micro- and nanometer resolution, the multi-award-winning measuring systems provide contactless and non-destructive and optionally fully automatic information on topography, structure, step height, roughness, wear, thickness variation, film thickness and many other parameters.

More than 600 systems are in use worldwide by companies from the sectors semiconductor, microsystems technology, automotive, optics, solar/photovoltaics and others. The company has subsidiaries in the USA, China and a sales and service network in the USA, Asia and Europe.

FRT concentrates on the fast-growing technology markets worldwide and the increasing miniaturization of surface structures in capital and consumer goods such as semiconductor products, MEMS or nanotechnology. FRT offers the products and the necessary experience for this purpose, because each measuring task is stored differently, depending on the material and application. FRT metrology is characterized by extreme flexibility thanks to multi-sensor measurement technology and high integration into production. The FRT multi-sensor technology allows us to respond to customer requirements in a very individual way. It not only enables the operator to easily change sensors, but also allows several sensors to be used in one system to combine different measuring ranges and measuring methods.


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