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Photo: Evonik
Photo: Evonik
Photo: Evonik
Photo: Evonik
Photos: Evonik


  • Low density
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Ease of processing and coloring
  • Excellent low-temperature impact strength
  • High elasticity and good resilience


Reference Sectors

  • Sports
  • Sports equipment
  • Sports design

Material Classes

  • Polyamide 12 Elastomers (PEBA)

Material Types

Exhibit: Elastomers – elastic and in great form

The PA 12 elastomers belong to the class of materials known as thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs). These are block copolymers consisting of PA 12 segments and polyether segments (polyether block amides or PEBAs). Products rich in PA 12 have the basic properties of that polymer. With increasing polyether content the elastomer character becomes more marked: The polymers are more flexible and have higher cold impact strength. Thanks to their outstanding properties they are indispensable in a large number of applications.

VESTAMID® E compounds are suitable for precision injection moldings, such as noiseless gears and functional elements of sports shoes, as well as for high-performance extrusion components like paint spray hoses, vacuum brake booster lines, and high-quality decorative films. We can provide you with unstabilized or heat- and light-stabilized material, according to your requirements.

Evonik has developed a transparent VESTAMID® polyamide elastomer for the manufacture of high-quality high-tech sports shoe soles.


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