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Photo: Evonik
Photo: Evonik
Photo: Evonik
Photo: Evonik
Photos: Evonik


  • Bio-based
  • High heat deflection temperature
  • High mechanical strength
  • High impact strength
  • Customized compounds


Reference Sectors

Material Classes

  • Polyamide 610 (PA 610)
  • Polyamide 1010 (PA 1010)
  • Polyamide 1012 (PA 1012)

Material Types

Exhibit: Bio-based polymers

Under the name VESTAMID® Terra Evonik markets a group of new polyamides based on renewable raw materials: The monomers are obtained partly or entirely from castor oil, a raw material that is cultivated in dry areas which are not suitable for any other form of agriculture. The biopolymer therefore has no adverse effect on the human food chain. Unlike various other biopolymers that are based on natural products grown on cropland.

With VESTAMID® Terra, Evonik offers three variants of biopolyamides, PA 610, PA 1010, and PA 1012, which differ in their profile of properties and close gaps in the previously available range of properties of polyamides. They are long-lasting, durable, and meet the requirements of demanding applications, for example in the automotive, sports, and textile industries. Typical applications of VESTAMID® Terra products are injection molding, fibers, powders, extrusion, and films.

Unlike other bio-based polymers, biopolyamides are high-performance polymers. They are not disposable products, there are no restrictions on their service life, and they do not give rise to any technical weaknesses at all. On the contrary, biopolyamides are long-lived, durable and can be used in demanding applications, e. g. in the automotive industry.

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