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Photo: Merck KGaA
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Exhibit: Defectless Coatings

Tivida® additives for endless gloss

With the new Tivida® portfolio, Merck offers completely new perspectives to the coatings and printing industry. Innovative research has created unique additives for smooth finishes with a new and long lasting unadulterated shininess. They promote the creation of flawless coating layers and prevent the varnished surface from everyday scratches.

Tivida® FL for defectless surfaces

With Tivida® FL Merck succeeded in developing a whole new generation of fluorosurfactants with branched structure and very short perfluoroalkyl chains: They are among the shortest and most environmentally friendly products on the market – while nevertheless providing impressive technical performance. They offer the approved benefits of surfactants for paints, coatings and printings – with excellent environmental properties at the same time.

Fluorosurfactants are established in diverse industrial applications: They

• reduce surface tension to extreme low values

• help to avoid coating defects – especially on contaminated or difficult surfaces.

Traditional materials and their degradation products can accumulate in plants, humans and animals. This has led to a ban on these long chain fluorosurfactants in Europe and the USA. Due to its excellent environmental properties, Tivida® FL, however, allows coatings to be formulated according to EU Ecolabel for paints and varnishes. Our portfolio offers diverse products from which you can choose the one most suitable for your needs – whether speed is more important or excellent performance.


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