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Photo: TU Darmstadt
Photo: TU Darmstadt
Photo: TU Darmstadt
Photo: TU Darmstadt
Photo: TU Darmstadt
Photo: TU Darmstadt
Photo: TU Darmstadt
Photo: TU Darmstadt
Photo: TU Darmstadt
Photos: TU Darmstadt


  • Chemical Analysis
  • Structure Analysis
  • Topographic Methods
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Mechanical and Electrical Analysis
  • Combination of Methods

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Exhibit: Competence Centre for Materials Characterisation

Extended characterisation service from one source!

The Competence Centre for Materials Characterisation within the Institute of Materials Science offers companies and research centres a great variety of analytical and structure investigation services.

In the frame of the Material Forschungsverbund Rhein-Main (Mat-FoRM) we also have a strong cooperation with other groups from different departments like the Materials Testing Laboratory Darmstadt (Staatliche Materialprüfungsanstalt, MPA) and the Fraunhofer-Institute for Durability and System Reliability (LBF).

MatFoRM-TUD is a network in materials sciences and material technologies in the Rhein-Main region. This network opens the door to university research and development activities in material science and application.

MatFoRM-TUD offers interdisciplinary research within the complete spectrum: from the material to the component and to the system.

Research services are offered in the following fields:

- Chemical analysis
- Structural analysis
- Electrical and Thermal analysis
- Mechanical testing
- Modelling and Simulation
- Synthesis
- Corrosion testing
- Fundamental Research


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