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Exhibit: Light-colored conductivity

Protection for people and sensitive goods against electrostatic discharge (ESD)

Iriotec® 7000 covers the product range of light-colored and translucent conductive particles. With their ability to dissipate electricity, they protect people and sensitive goods alike.

The conductive particles of the Iriotec® family

• lend permanent dissipative properties to coatings and package printing.
• assist the preparation of plastic surfaces for electrostatic coating.
• remain inconspicuous owing to their light or translucent body color in printing inks and coatings, and thus offer freedom in color design – even with light-colored embellishments as coatings for laminates.

Translucent and dissipative applications

Antistatic flooring is used, for example, in the production of electronic components that must be protected against uncontrolled electrostatic discharge. However, they are additionally found in factories, warehouses, clean rooms, hospitals or explosion-protected production areas and laboratories where they also safeguard persons against electrostatic discharge. Their light-colored or translucent body color makes pigments of the Iriotec® 7300 series an attractive alternative to carbon black which is usually used for dissipative flooring but causes a dark or black appearance. Iriotec® allows both: light and friendly colors plus protection against electrostatic charging and discharging.


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