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Photo: Merck KGaA
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  • laser sensitive
  • temperature stable
  • partly suitable for food packaging


  • Packaging
  • Food packaging
  • Calbes + wires
  • 3D MIDs
  • Technical components
  • Medical devices

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Exhibit: Laser marking and LDS

Iriotec® 8000: Laser-sensitive pigments

With the help of laser radiation, products of the Iriotec® 8000 Series from Merck enable the marking of plastic and powder coated surfaces – fast, accurate, forgery-proof and razor-sharp. Serial numbers on electronic components, barcodes on animal ear tags, best-before dates on food packaging or conductive paths on 3D MIDs: Iriotec® 8000 products fulfill the highest requirements on high-tech laser applications.

Laser pigments of the Iriotec® 8000 Series

• allow extremely high-speed, high-contrast and razor-sharp markings even on soft, irregular or curved surfaces

• are abrasion-resistant for forgery-proof and durable markings

Laser-sensitive pigments from Merck transform the laser's light energy.

• During laser marking pigment powders or pigment granules cause a visual color change in the substrate – for a permanently visible marking.

• During laser direct structuring pigment powder, incorporated into the plastics material or the powder coating, produces under the influence of laser light first metallic seeds through which copper builds up a strong connection with the workpiece – and turns it into a 3D MID (mechatronic integrated device).


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