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Photo: NANO-X GmbH
Photo: NANO-X GmbH
Photo: NANO-X GmbH
Photo: NANO-X GmbH
Photo: NANO-X GmbH
Photo: NANO-X GmbH
Photo: NANO-X GmbH
Photos: NANO-X GmbH



  • Anti-fingerprint for stainless steel coil
  • Coloured design for stainless steel coil
  • Corrosion protection, scratch-resistant, UV stable for aluminium coil for outdoor applications
  • Scratch-resistant/Scratch resistance for furniture foils (aluminium or plastic)
  • Black IR absorbing layers on aluminium coil
  • Scale protective coatings for hot forming
  • Active anti corrosion primer for steel coil
  • Corrosion protection for zinc coil

Reference Sectors

  • - Architecture
  • - Mechanical engineering
  • Household appliance industry
  • Furniture industry
  • Packaging materials
  • Automotive industry
  • Energy generation

Material Classes

Material Types

Exhibit: x-tec® Coil Coating Materials

NANO-X high tech coil coating materials are already used in many fields. Suitable substrates are especially stainless steel, aluminium or plastic.

Our coil coating materials differ in design layers and functional layers.

Examples of design layers are scratch-resistant and highly chemical-resistant anti-fingerprint coatings for stainless steel or aluminium. Depending on customer requirements, the materials may also be matted or pigmented transparent. Multifunctionality is achieved in a combination of properties with good corrosion protection, excellent UV resistance or a functional surface.

Easy-to-Clean, self-cleaning or anti-static surface functions can be set.

The coatings can be cured thermally, with UV radiation or in combination.


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