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Photo: SWAP (Sachsen) GmbH
Photo: SWAP (Sachsen) GmbH
Photo: SWAP (Sachsen) GmbH
Photo: SWAP (Sachsen) GmbH
Photo: SWAP (Sachsen) GmbH
Photo: SWAP (Sachsen) GmbH
Photo: SWAP (Sachsen) GmbH
Photo: SWAP (Sachsen) GmbH
Photo: SWAP (Sachsen) GmbH
Photos: SWAP (Sachsen) GmbH


  • High stability and low weight
  • Complete recyclable
  • High compressive strength
  • High bending stiffness
  • Surface by different methods printable
  • Different possibilities of constructive processing, e.g. by drilling, milling, punching or cutting
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • Excellent acoustics properties
  • Compound with almost every material possible


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Exhibit: SWAP – Stable Honeycomb Board made of Paper

SWAP is specialized in manufacturing of dimensionally stable honeycomb boards made of recycled paper. The special feature of these lightweight panels consists in the fact, that the basic structure is a standing sine wave structure. As a consequence of that an extraordinary combination of lightness and very high stability is achieved. The process takes place on specially designed technical facilities, depending on the requirements of the customers. The product is always delivered as plate material and can be processed immediately.

The neutral, natural substance of the honeycomb boards allows the compound with other papers and as well with almost every other materials. This includes e.g. wood-based materials, fabrics, ceramic, metals or plastics.

Thanks of these excellent features there are almost no limits in application possibilities. So the lightweight panels are used in the automotive industry, for furniture and interior furnishings, displays, in the building industry but also for challenging packaging and logistic solutions.

As a result of the continuous development of the honeycomb boards, more new application possibilities are added. Meanwhile different cell sizes and a flame retardant solution offered. So are more opportunities for practice.


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