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Photo: Dr. Suchomski / JLU
Photo: Dr. Suchomski / JLU
Photo: Dr. Suchomski / JLU
Photo: Dr. Suchomski / JLU
Photos: Dr. Suchomski / JLU



  • Ceramic protective layers
  • Photocatalytic surfaces
  • Sintering additives
  • Catalysts
  • Semiconductor sensors

Reference Sectors

  • Chemical industry
  • Coating companies
  • Automotive industry
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Sensor manufacturers

Material Classes

Material Types

Exhibit: Synthesis of Metal Oxide Dispersions

This development enables the simple, wet-chemical, microwave-assisted production of non-agglomerating nanoparticles (e. g. titanium oxide, zinc oxide, zirconium dioxide) from metal salts.

For this purpose, metal salts are mixed with a reaction and stability reagent. Depending on the selected reaction composition, amorphous or crystalline metal oxide nanoparticles can be produced based on an optimized sol-gel method. These nanoparticles can be further processed within the dispersion or separated from the solvent.

Key advantages of this development include the production of nanoparticles of variable sizes and the prevention of agglomeration. The synthesis of non-agglomerated metal oxide nanoparticles is also possible. This has the exceptional effect of being able, if required, to redisperse the separated metal oxide nanoparticles in a different medium, e. g. water. The customer therefore benefits from cost-effective and tailored dispersions.

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