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Photo: Paul GmbH & Co. KG
Photo: Paul GmbH & Co. KG
Photo: Paul GmbH & Co. KG
Photo: Paul GmbH & Co. KG
Photo: Paul GmbH & Co. KG
Photo: Paul GmbH & Co. KG
Photo: Paul GmbH & Co. KG
Photo: Paul GmbH & Co. KG
Photo: Paul GmbH & Co. KG
Photo: Paul GmbH & Co. KG
Photos: Paul GmbH & Co. KG


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  • Metal Wire Cloths
  • Laminates
  • Metal Fibre Cloths
  • Slotted Tubes & Slotted Screens
  • Perforated Plates & Expanded Metals


PACO stands for a group of companies that are among the world market leaders for high-precision metal wire cloth products and solutions. As a leader for quality and innovation in a number of specialized areas of filtering, separating and screening as well as state-of-the-art screen printing, PACO provides for more than 60 years effective and cost-efficient solutions out of "Wire & Mesh" - the PACO MESHOLUTIONS. The PACO MESHOLUTIONS are not just products made of mesh woven from metal wire. They provide complete solutions. The cloth, the filter or the screen is not an end in itself, but a means of providing our customers the benefits that really matter to them: efficiency, safety, success.

PACO’s origins and core expertise are in the production of high precision metal wire cloths. The basis for the production of wire cloth is a traditional handicraft. This is partnered with up-to-date manufacturing and processing techniques emanating from PACO’s own R&D and mechanical engineering teams to produce leading-edge PACO products, which are often processed in close cooperation with the customer according to the high PACO quality standards.

PACO metal wire weaving mills produce a wide range of different cloths. The differences lie in the dimension of thread, mesh size, type of weave, materials as well as final treatment, finish and assembly. Hundreds of different qualities are permanently in stock. And when a special cloth is needed, flexible processing techniques ensure short lead times. All PACO cloths are available in a large variety of delivery formats: rolls, pieces, strips, stamped to round blanks or in any other shape that might be required.

PACO has established its place among the group of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision cloths for sieving and filtration. Closely linked to this is the enormous experience gained from applications throughout all branches of industry as well as presence on most of the world’s markets. Convince yourself of our know-how and use it for your ideas!


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