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Photo: Merck KGaA
Photo: Merck KGaA
Photo: Merck KGaA
Photo: Merck KGaA
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Exhibit: Durable & effective surface protection

Durazane for eternal beauty

A brand-new car with polished tire rims, sparkling head- taillights, and scratch-free body paint. A gleaming sink or marble floor. A spotless train or store front. Everyone loves bright, pristine surfaces and wants to keep them in their best possible condition, but normal wear and tear, weathering, even vandalism negatively affects their appearance. What can be done to protect beautiful surfaces? The answer lies in polysilazanes.

Polysilazanes are a new class of polymers and can be applied on various metals, plastics, glass, wood, marble, stone, ceramic, polymer films and other substrates. Due to their inherent properties, polysilazane resins are perfectly suitable as binders for varnish systems and coatings, and can be applied purely without adding solvents. Polysilazanes are applied via spray coating, wiping or dipping. While curing – either ambient or thermal – they build cross-links and react with the surface so that at the end a µm thin glass-like layer protects the surface.


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