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Laser-induced PVD-markings and -coatings on products

Since many decades the PVD-technology is preferred, when a high-quality surface coating on products is needed – for example in the area of tools („abrasion resistance“) or in the glass sector (heat protection, anti...
Adhesion - Scratch Resistant - Coating - Gold - High Temperature Resistant - Sustainable - Decorative - Chemical Industry - Semiconductors - Functional - Corrosion Resistant - Forgery Protection - Robust - Inorganic - Metal


SCHOTT NEXTREMA®glass-ceramic material platform: Engineered and designed for extreme conditions

NEXTREMA® heat-resistant glass-ceramic combines the benefits of technical glass formulations with the properties of high temperature materials. Due to the special sheet production process of NEXTREMA®, it is available...
Insulation - Translucent - Ceramics - Temperature Resistance - Aviation - Furniture - Interior Design - Automotive - Opaque - Transparent - Electronics - Glass - Process Engineering - Ceramic - Architecture

Patinal® for optical applications

Merck’s Patinal®-portfolio stands for quality – for more than 30 years.

There are more than 40 substances to choose from, such as metal-fluorides, -oxides, -sulfides or -selenides, for the tailored manufacturing of optical coatings by physical vapor deposition (PVD). In this portfolio you can...
Microscopy - Optical Industry - Metal-sulfides - Multiplexing - Night vision - Oxide-mixtures - Thin-film coating - Water repellant - Lens - Over 40 materials - Automotive - Metal-oxides - Solids - Laser - Crystalline

Organoid Natural Surfaces


Every human being feels most comfortable in a natural surrounding. The senses enable us to sense the room atmosphere and the feel-good character of rooms. Our organoid natural surfaces intensify these feelings. Nature with...
Wallpaper - Acoustics - Doors - Natural Product - Individual - Natural - Lighting - Surfaces - Coatings - Translucent - Wall - Furniture - Flooring - Design - Authentic
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IFID GmbH – Institut für Innovation und Design

New Ideas for New Products

Our motivation is to realize successful concepts and products for customers from a wide range of industries. This has been achieved for many years through the combination of two established approaches...
Glass - Wheelchairs - Plastic - Automotive - Chemistry - Medical Engineering - Stents - Metals - Mechanical engineering - Ceramics - E-charging stations - Wood - Pharmacy - Radio controlled watches - Micro dosing syringes

FRT GmbH - the art of metrology

FRT Metrology - High quality 3D surface metrology made
for your requirements

FRT GmbH offers 3D surface measurement technology for research and production. With micro- and nanometer resolution, the multi-award-winning measuring systems provide contactless and non-destructive and optionally fully...
Short measuring times - Packages - Sapphire - Optical - Engineering - Sapphire / LED - Roughness / Waviness / Flatness - Plastic - Sample Thickness / TTV - Semiconductors - Paper - Automotive - Roll-Off Amount - Thermal Load - Metal

Statex Produktions + Vertriebs GmbH

Our company is the worldwide market leader in the silver-coated fabrics industry. Its headquarter and production site is located in Bremen, Germany. We are already the 3rd generation in our family business, that was founded...
Metals - Semi-finished products - Automotive - Clothing - Surfaces - Textiles - Coatings - Electrical Industry - shielding against electromagnetic waves - Clothing Industry - Antistatic - Aerospace - Semiconductors - Plastic inset - Medicine


Cera-Shibo - for a much more wide variety of design

Cera-Shibo enables virtually 100% true-to-specification designs in an unrivalled short reproduction time! Cera-Shibo can be removed and re-applied at any time – without additional polishing work, wall thickness changes...
Blow moulding - Foaming tools - Individual design through to small series - InMouldGraining (IMG) - Plastic injection moulding (including polypropylene, PU, etc.) - Processing of expanded polypropylene (EPP) - Silicone moulding tools - Trademark protection with watermarks integrated into the structu


PACO stands for a group of companies that are among the world market leaders for high-precision metal wire cloth products and solutions. As a leader for quality and innovation in a number of specialized areas of filtering...
Stainless Steel - Pharmaceutical - Automotive - Screen printing - Laminates - Aviation - Screening - Copper - Aluminium - Electronics - Energy & Solar - Filtration - Brass - Interior - Bronze


Technical Knitted Fabrics: Solutions for Optimized Products

Buck is an established manufacturer of technical knitted fabrics made of a wide range of materials, such as stainless steel, titanium, glass or carbon. The decades of experience, the high technical competence coupled with...
Dampening - Conductive - Mechanical engineering - Glass - Stainless Steel - Ceramics - Filtration - Lightweight - Medical Engineering - Soundproofing - Flexible - Insulating - Automotive - Carbon - Plastic

Nordic Products

Aurubis – Architectural solutions in copper, brass, bronze

The Aurubis Group is one of the leading providers of non-ferrous metals and the largest copper recycler worldwide.

For decades, under the product brand Nordic Products, Aurubis developed a variety of factory-applied surface treatments to provide various levels of oxidization and patination. These surface treatments are similar to the...
Wall - individually customizable to existing surfaces and projects with - available in green- / blue shades and varying patination- , wea - Architecture - Monument conservation - Brass - Nordic Decor: Brownished copper and brass strip with refined sur - Tinsmith - Metal - Copper and copper alloys - Fascade - Roofing - Interior Design - Roof - Bronze

SpriLumina: punchy 3D effects

SPRINZ's SpriLumina is an integral system comprising glass, an aluminium frame, rear panel, LED kit and special fabric produced by Ettlin.

The punchy 3D effects are based on state-of-the-art LED strips. Colours are programmed according to customers' wishes. When the LEDs are not switched on, the glass panel has a black, shimmering appearance...
LEDs - Plates - Trade fairs and exhibitions - Retail premises design - Reversible - Retail sector - Interior Design - Architecture - Residential buildings - Glass - Light features - Trade fair applications - Panels - Hotel Sector - Three-dimensional colour effects


Electrospinning is a versatile method for generation of nanofibers with diameters right up to only a few nanometers. Using electrospinning technology various materials like synthetic polymers, biopolymers, polymer blends...
Biopolymers - Fibers - Medicine - Textiles - Artificial Tissue - Polymers - Composites - Filters - Wound dressing - Polymerblends - Medical Technology - Fleece - Enginering - Nanofibers - Microfibers

Unique marble and onyx effects for plastics

Perfect Imperfection

The colourists at Gabriel-Chemie Germany have developed a unique project in which shapes and structures formed over the years by nature can be emulated in plastic in ways never seen before. More precisely, it involves the...
Unique, natural simulation of onyx and marble effects in plastic - Boxes - Polymer - Kitchen products - Toys - Trend towards customisation and differentiation at point of sale - Packagings - Interior Design - Lifestyle - Effect - Pigment - Storage container - Plastic - Cosmetic packaging - Colour

Transparent Ceramic - PERLUCOR®

A mechanically, chemically, thermally and optically perfected solution for transparent extreme applications. The properties are in almost all areas significantly improved compared to conventional lenses at a lower price than...
Tile - Semifinished Part - Transparent - Sensors - Architecture - Ceramic - Displays - Scratch Resistant - Component - Luxury Goods - Optics - Chemistry - High Temperature Resistant - Sensitive - Safety Technology

Solid Metal Coating

VeroMetal® is a metallizing process that seamlessly applies cold sprayable or puttyable metal to almost any surface.

VeroMetal® looks, feels, and acts like hot-cast metal, because it is up to 95 percent metal. It will adhere to almost any surface, including but not limited to: foam, plastic, gypsum, wood, metal, fiberglass, plaster, ceramics...
Furniture - Magnetic - Break resistant - Metal - Antibacterial - Architecture - Automotive - Industry - Exhibition - Panels - Displays - Kitchen - Shop Fitting - Coating - Thermal conductivity

axydeco – Black is Beautiful

axydeco is an anthracite or black colored coating which belongs to the material class of diamond-like carbon (DLC). Diamond-like carbon coatings were developed to provide superior wear protection, high scratch resistance...
Film - Anthracite - Sporting Goods - Ceramic - Coating - Jewelry - Black - Noble - Carbon - Hard - Surface - Watches - Abrasion Resistant - Luster - Corrosion Protection

Bio-based SiC Ceramics

Silicon carbide (SiC) is one of the most important ceramic materials. Outstanding properties like high strength, high stiffness, excellent thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance make SiC ceramics the ideal materials...
Aerospace - Automotive - Bio-Based - Ceramic - Composite - Corrosion Protection - Engineering - Free 3D-Geometry - High Temperature Stability - Natural Material - Profiles - Semifinished Part - Sheet - Stiffness - WPC


Natural fiber reinforced plastics (NFC, Natural Fiber Composites) and a sub-group, the wood-polymer composites (WPC, Wood Polymer Composites) are versatile, innovative and bio-based materials. These materials can be processed...
Durable - Semifinished Part - Composite - Musical Instruments - Natural Material - Furniture - Free 3D-Geometry - Surface - Biodegradable - Packaging - Recyclable - Bio-Based - Packaging Industry - Automotive - WPC

Functional Surface Modification

Permanent and stable surface coatings are suitable to be achieved on medically relevant metals (e.g. titanium) and glass via trimeric catechol derivatives.

Furthermore, various active agent molecules such as PEG, antibiotics, enzymes and other biomolecules may be coupled to natural molecules by means of simple chemical reactions (“click reactions”...
Lotus effect - Pharmaceutical technology - Stents - Reclaimable - Easy - Dirt-repellent - Abrasion-resistance - Low costs - Metal containers - Organic compounds - Lens - Hospital Hygiene - Ship hulks - Joint prostheses - Medical Technology


Diamondoids are molecules whose framework structure constitutes a section of the diamond lattice. Due to their size in the range of 0.5-2 nm, they can be considered as “nano-diamonds” with a hydrogen-terminated surface...
Organic compounds - Protection against corrosion - Displays - Compressors - Medical Technology - Spectacle lenses - Electrical Engineering - Additives - Lotus effect - Coating companies - Thermal stability - Transparency - Thermal conductivity - Chemical Industry - Pumps

Synthesis of Metal Oxide Dispersions

This development enables the simple, wet-chemical, microwave-assisted production of non-agglomerating nanoparticles (e. g. titanium oxide, zinc oxide, zirconium dioxide) from metal salts.

For this purpose, metal salts are mixed with a reaction and stability reagent. Depending on the selected reaction composition, amorphous or crystalline metal oxide nanoparticles can be produced based on an optimized sol...
Automotive industry - Sensor manufacturers - Energy-efficient - Semiconductor Industry - Catalysts - Ceramic - Chemical Industry - Dispersion - Coating companies - Ceramic materials - Resource-Efficient - Photocatalytic surfaces - Sintering additives - Size variability - Semiconductor sensors


Spörl oHG produces tailormade metal wire mesh as well as customer-specific mold and filter parts. In the 60-year history of the company, the experts at Spörl oHG have gained experience and developed competences that enable...
Plastics - Semi-finished products - Metals - Wire - Building technology - Separation - Mechanical engineering - Automotive industry - Screen printing - Chemical Industry - Environmental engineering - Mesh - Pharmacy - Electronics - Food Industry


COTESA is a leading manufacturer of high quality composite components currently employing 600 people at two sites.

Our focus is the manufacturing of complex CFRP structural components, e. g. frames, profiles and stiffeners, CFRP drive shafts as well as lightweight multidimensional sandwich structures...
Sports Equipment - Automotive - Composite materials - Lightweight Design - Aerospace - Corrosion resistance - Strength - Profiles - Semi-finished products - Engineering - Medical Technology - Carbon - Stiffness - Components - Composites

Goodfellow's materials and more!

Goodfellow is a globally recognised specialist manufacturer and reliable supplier of metal, alloys, ceramics, polymers and other materials widely used in science, research, development and industry.
The product portfolio currently comprises about 500 materials and substances, which are available in a variety of forms, purity grades and quality...
Composites - Sheets - Ceramics - Foils - Process Engineering - Wire - Tubes - Fabric - Chemical Industry - Plastics - Particles - Mesh - Metals - Industry - Electronics


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