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Bild: Eurekite BV
Bild: Eurekite BV
Bild: Eurekite BV
Bild: Eurekite BV
Bild: Eurekite BV
Bild: Eurekite BV
Bild: Eurekite BV
Bilder: Eurekite BV


  • Light thin
  • highly porous
  • Purely ceramic
  • Various ceramic compositions
  • Flame retardant
  • Non-woven


  • PCB for extreme environment
  • Substrate for high temperature deposition Fire-retardant coating




Exponat: Flexiramics®

Flexiramics® a 100% ceramic material that is light and flexible like paper, but retains all the physicochemical properties of traditional ceramics. Developed by Eurekite BV, Flexiramics is the world’s first flexible purely ceramic thin film material.

Flexiramics® is an ideal material for fabrics used in extreme environmental conditions, due to its endurance in high temperature and corrosive environments. It can withstand 1200°C with no degradation. Moreover besides being thin, light and flexible, Flexiramics® has matrix like structure. This structure enables it to form high quality polymer composites without hindering flexibility. This is considered novelty, because although typical ceramic fillers enhance thermal and dielectric properties, they cause composites to become increasingly brittle. Flexiramics®’ qualities make this purely ceramic product a technology platform, inspiring the out of the box ideas.

Eurekite is developing several viable applications for Flexiramics® have been developed, among which are flexible PCBs – merging the flexibility and light weight of the polymer with the temperature stability and electrical insulation of a ceramic PCB. The flexible ceramic PCB offers a low dielectric constant and losses while keeping relatively high dielectric strength, thus providing an excellent platform for high quality signal transmission in several environments. Important to note, the heat conductivity of the flexible ceramic PCB is much superior to that of the standard ceramic PCB.

The versatile properties and uses of Flexiramics allow it access to multiple industries including Sensing, Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics and Cabling.


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